What to do if you believe someone is being deprived of their liberty

If you believe that a friend or relative is being deprived of their liberty, start by talking to the home manager/senior staff member about your concerns. 

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your discussion, you can contact Lambeth's Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Service for advice on 020 7926 7748.


For an easy read guide to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and what they mean for you, please see our Useful Publications page. 

What to do if you think someone needs an Advocate

Lambeth Independent Living and Carers Partnership

There are a variety of reasons why advocacy may be much more important to some people. In the main it is because there are some in society who are more likely than others to be treated unfairly, either because of the prejudice of others or because of their own vulnerability, and frequently individuals who rely on the social care systems have limited personal power and resources to argue their case.

There are a number of Advocacy Services in Lambeth that you can contact directly to access an advocate for yourself or on someone's behalf (with their consent).

  • Issue-based Professional Advocacy is available to support people in accessing community care, health and housing services, dealing with financial and family problems and being safe from abuse.

  • Under the Care Act 2014, if someone has any difficulties with understanding, retaining or communicating information about their decisions, they are entitled to an advocate as part of their social care assessment process.

  • If someone is experiencing abuse/neglect and the local authority is undertaking a safeguarding adults enquiry, they are also entitled to an advocate if there is no-one else available to support or represent them.

There is more information about other advocacy services within the Useful Contacts section of this website.



Information for parents and carers of adults who may not be able to make decisions


'My Adult, Still My Child' is a website developed with funding from the NHS England Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Improvement Programme and aims to provide clear, accessible information to support parents and carers so that they can better understand their rights and options in decision-making as they continue to support their adult child.