The following guidance is available to Health and Social Care professionals to download.

Guidance on producing an Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

The aim of this guidance is to support organisations and services working with Lambeth citizens which need to produce an adult safeguarding policy and procedure. It provides recommended content and a suggested structure. Each organisation will however be different and will need to use this guidance to create a policy and procedure that reflects the needs of their organisation and their service users.

Self-neglect guidance

This guidance has been written to help provide a clearer pathway for all staff and practitioners in Lambeth to follow when dealing with people who are self-neglecting or hoarding.

It is recognized that this area of safeguarding can be challenging, as often there is no simple way to help. The guidance aims to help practitioners to reach a balance between responsibilities around promoting dignity and delivering on duty of care, with respecting a person’s rights of autonomy and self-determination.

Lambeth Domestic Abuse Guidance

This guidance is to help adult social care delivery staff to understand how we will undertake safeguarding adult’s work where it relates to domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse and violence affects both children and adults sometimes in a devastating way. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. It is not limited to a particular gender, ethnicity, age, class or sexual orientation. Perpetrators can be of either gender and domestic violence can occur in same sex relationships, between family members as well as current or previous partners.

Safeguarding Adults and Pressure Ulcers: Decision Making Guidance

This is guidance to support decisions about;

  • whether the response to concerns about pressure ulcer care need to be referred for consideration for a safeguarding enquiry,
  • how safeguarding enquiries regarding pressure ulcer care can best be undertaken
  • how such enquiries can be aligned with clinical governance and other processes, and
  • how partner agencies can best work together to ensure the wellbeing of people at risk of pressure wounds is promoted.

Understanding existing definitions of ‘vulnerable’ in relation to Adult Safeguarding

This short document has been compiled to help improve understanding of how different organisations define a 'vulnerable' adult, and to highlight the different terminology introduced by the Care Act in 2014 which now refers to an 'adult at risk'.