Policy and Procedures


LSAB Policy

The Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board has a policy that sets out its expectations with regards to:

  • What should be done to help prevent the abuse and neglect of adults in Lambeth with care and support needs
  • What should be done to respond to a concern that a person in Lambeth who has care and support needs is experiencing, or is at risk of, abuse or neglect that they cannot protect themselves from harm. 

LSAB Information Sharing Agreement

All board members agreed an Information Sharing Agreement which sets out clearly when information must be shared as part of an adult safeguarding enquiry:

LSAB Safeguarding Adults Review Policy

The below outlines the LSAB's locally agreed process for commissioning and learning from SARs.



The following guidance is available to Health and Social Care professionals to download.

Complex Case Pathway 

This pathway has been developed in collaboration with Bromley and Southwark SAB. It is hoped that this tool will support professionals working with individuals who are self-neglecting, or who are refusing or disengaging from services. It can also help responses where there are concerns that a person may be ‘falling through the gaps’. You can download this tool now to help support you in practice

LSAB Multi-Agency Guidance for responding to self-neglect (trial version)

Any agency can respond to someone who is self-neglecting and this guidance outlines the different ways in which we can support people. This guidance also outlines how any professional can respond to someone who may be self-neglecting and in what circumstances, a formal multi-agency response would be required.

We want this to be a tool that any professional feels able to use to support them in responding to cases of self-neglect. We welcome feedback on what is useful or missing: send us your thoughts by emailing LSABAdmin@lambeth.gov.uk


LSAB Framework for Managing Allegations Against Persons in Positions of Trust

The purpose of this framework is to provide recommended content and a suggested structure for responding to allegations against people in a position of Trust. Each organisation will however be different and will need to use this document to create a policy and procedure that reflects the needs of their organisation and their service users.


LSAB Framework for Staff Supervision and Support in Adult Safeguarding

Adult safeguarding work can be complex and demanding, and often requires staff to make urgent and sometimes difficult decisions while under pressure. Effective supervision is essential to support those practitioners responding to safeguarding concerns. To support organisations to develop their own approach to supervision in the context of adult safeguarding, LSAB’s Performance and Quality subgroup have developed some specific guidance.

Adult Safeguarding Decision Making Tool

This tool provides information on what to consider when making an adult safeguarding referral, how the law is applied by the local authority (Section 42(1) and (2)) and the types of possible abuse against levels of risk which help to clarify what response referrers can expect.  

Best practice for monitoring and reviewing adult safeguarding referrals 

Guidance on producing an Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

The aim of this guidance is to support organisations and services working with Lambeth citizens which need to produce an adult safeguarding policy and procedure. It provides recommended content and a suggested structure. Each organisation will however be different and will need to use this guidance to create a policy and procedure that reflects the needs of their organisation and their service users.


Lambeth Domestic Abuse Guidance

This guidance is to help adult social care delivery staff to understand how we will undertake safeguarding adult’s work where it relates to domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse and violence affects both children and adults sometimes in a devastating way. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. It is not limited to a particular gender, ethnicity, age, class or sexual orientation. Perpetrators can be of either gender and domestic violence can occur in same sex relationships, between family members as well as current or previous partners.


Safeguarding Adults and Pressure Ulcers: Decision Making Guidance

This is guidance to support decisions about;

  • whether the response to concerns about pressure ulcer care need to be referred for consideration for a safeguarding enquiry,
  • how safeguarding enquiries regarding pressure ulcer care can best be undertaken
  • how such enquiries can be aligned with clinical governance and other processes, and
  • how partner agencies can best work together to ensure the wellbeing of people at risk of pressure wounds is promoted.


Understanding existing definitions of 'vulnerable' in relation to adult safeguarding

This short document has been compiled to help improve understanding of how different organisations define a 'vulnerable' adult, and to highlight the different terminology introduced by the Care Act in 2014 which now refers to an 'adult at risk'. 



Multi-agency FGM Guidance - Lambeth 

Use the National and Lambeth Multi-agency Guidance for Safeguarding against FGM to aid decision-making.

Making Safeguarding Personal in Lambeth

The LSAB Community Reference Group has developed this resource using feedback from residents and service users, and have outlined some of the key messages for practice when applying the principles of Making Safeguarding Personal.