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Lambeth Safeguarding Adult Board - Annual Report 2017/18

LSAB Annual Report

The 9th Annual Report (2017/2018) of the Lambeth Safeguarding Adult’s Board (LSAB) has now been published and is available to download.

The LSAB has celebrated a number of achievements in the past year, including:

- a successful survey measuring awareness of adult safeguarding Lambeth which has given us a benchmark we can use to target future awareness raising initiatives.

- an analysis of equalities data within safeguarding activity in order to understand how different communities in Lambeth were being represented in adult safeguarding work. This has helped us to identify what improvements can be made, to ensure under-represented groups are reached.

- two public events which equipped Lambeth residents with knowledge around the Mental Capacity Act and protection against Financial Abuse.

- LSAB’s Community Reference Group focus on improving residents’ access to information/ advice with the view of empowering them to know how to get help and protect themselves from abuse/neglect.

Nonetheless, there is still more to be done. Our goals for the next three years have been set out in our strategic plan for 2017 to 2020, and we have broken these down into targeted aims for the next financial year (2018/19).