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The latest edition of the Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Board newsletter has been published. We had a busy agenda at our October meeting and considered a range of topics. In this bulletin you can find out more about what we are planning to do for National Safeguarding Adults Week and view our new animations.

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Achieving best practice in adult safeguarding: Sex and Capacity

Adult safeguarding - achieving best practice sex and capacity

Sexual Relationships and Mental Capacity 

Watch our new animation on sexual relationships and mental capacity!

Assessing a person’s mental capacity to consent to sex can be a complex task for professionals.

It can feel embarrassing, and language, experience and attitudes around sex are different for everyone, including vulnerable people. This is a sensitive subject which may challenge our assumptions, and professionals need to consider how to use an individualised approach to support the conversation.


To support those working in this area, a masterclass was held in 2020 which aimed to equip professionals with legal knowledge and practical guidance to support them in practice. This masterclass was recorded and is now a permanent recourse available for all to access:

  • In Part 1, Nicola Kohn from 39 Essex Chambers gives an overview of the Mental Capacity Act as it applied to sex, and recent developments in the law. [0:56 hour]
  • In Part 2,  Dr Sonja Soeterik and Dr Emma Ferguson (Clinical Psychologists specialising in Neuropsychology) talk through the process of carrying out a mental capacity assessment when the question relates to sex and other related issues (contraception, marriage). [1:42 hour]

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