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Find out about a new service for LBT+ Women

A new support space for LBT+ womxn who have experienced sexual, physical and/or domestic violence or abuse has been launched. To find out more check out the leaflet provided below.

Safe Spaces – Supporting survivors of church-related abuse

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Safe Spaces – Supporting survivors of church-related abuse

Safe Spaces work to support anyone who has been abused by someone in the Church or abused as a result of their relationship with the Church of England, the Catholic Church of England and Wales, or the Church of Wales. They provide a free service available to survivors of church-related abuse in need of support. For more information on Safe Spaces, please take a moment to look at the resources provided below.


Adult Safeguarding and Homelessness Guidance

Adult Safeguarding and Homelessness Guidance

The LGA have released a guidance written by Professor Michael Preston-Shoot which explores adult safeguarding and homelessness.

The publication was updated in August 2021 to highlight the lessons learnt from the response to the pandemic. The guidance update touches on how the pandemic exposed the large social disparities in the state whilst simultaneously proving how great an impact can be made when national social policies are met with strong support and investment from central government. To access the adult safeguarding and homelessness guidance, click on the link.

Achieving Best Practice in Adult Safeguarding: Adult Family Violence

Adult safeguarding - achieving best practice

Adult Family Violence 

Watch our animation about recognising Adult Family Violence

Safeguarding Adults Review: George

George is a 52-year-old man, with a learning disability and agoraphobia who lived with his younger brother Andrew, who also acted as his main carer.  In late 2019, Andrew set fire to the family home. George was supported by a neighbour to evacuate the property. Due to the extent of the fire damage, George was unable to return to his home. The learning from this independent review centres on the importance of professional curiosity and good information sharing.  The review also highlights the importance of understanding Adult Family Violence as a form of domestic abuse within families  

Read the full SAR Report here or check out the 7-minute briefing.


To support those working in this area, a masterclass was held in 2020 which aimed to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills to understand the context and  prevalence of Adult Family Violence (AFV), assess the impact of AFV, and signpost those impacted by the issue to relevant local services and pathways. The recording of this masterclass is now available as a permanent resource and can be accessed here [2.5 hours – staff can watch at their own pace].  


Find out more: 

Home Office, 2016. Home office - Domestic Homicide Reviews - Key Findings From Analysis Of Domestic Homicide Reviews. (December 2016).